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run python script from button in node


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I made a python script that runs from the shelf. I'd like to have the script run when I press an update button created in a node. Looked at the callback function but can't figure out how to get it to work.

Hope someone can help

cheers Coen

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In the "scripts" tab of your hda add a PythonModule and put your function there, e.g. def runMe()

In your button callback, enter hou.pwd().hdaModule().runMe()

Better if you take a look at the mdd writer hda at http://undo.fi/houdini/mdd/ - it has a button set up that runs a script.

There might be better ways to do it, but at least that works for me :)


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thanks eetu,

starting to make sense now. But is that only suitable for digital asset? Just trying it on a null now and the method doesn't seem to work

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Nevermind... Got it to work, forgot some brackets :blink:

Thanks for the example eetu

Hey guys,, I'm trying this out now.. on a null..? how did you get it working Coen/Fomal..? or do I have to make it into a hda..?

I'm struggling to shovle the script into a function also..?

any help would be great..?



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