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how to key only a certain transform channel in the viewport

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Hi guys ! I'm trying to animate something very simple example, like translating and rotating cube and I wonder if there is any way to keyframe a particular channel in the scene viewport, somehow clicking on the transform handles (for example I want to key only translate on y, or rotate on x,etc), because if I press K all the transform channels are keyed and I get useless keyed information in the channel editor since the other components are not transformed.

I read in the help that there is a "key handle" hotkey whitch is CTRL+K, and to me it sounds like what i'm looking for, but I don't know how to use it. It's for sure something that I'm doing wrong.

I have to mention that I tryied the Shift+t/r/e and indeed it's a little better but still it is keying hole translate or rotate channel (on all x y z components). And the ALT+click in the parameters transform panel it's the only method I know of doing this but it's slow for an animation workflow.

I want to know how the CTRL+K works and if there is a way to key in the viewport by clicking on the handles or somehow.

Thank you very much !

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