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how do you create an fk ik switch in houdini ?

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I've only every used one rig in Houdini...not an IK rig and an FK rig etc....

the IK/FK is always done with a blend...

and you can do a switch with some pretty simple scripting - at a given frame jam the bone rotations from the IK into the rotation parameters and jam the bone rotations into the IK solution...

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Just as an example to see how sidefx implemented the fk/ik blending:

create a new toon character, right-click on the node: -> allow editing of contents (this will allow you to browse and look inside of it)

Go into the network, right clik on the "right arm" node: -> allow editing of contents

Go into the arm network and take a look at the purple "blend" nodes.

When you refer to Maya's switch, you set it up with rotation constraints and it really is more a blend than a hard switch. The weight of the maya constraint is the same as the weights inside the houdini "blend" node. There is no built-in switch like the one in Maya (like you said, nobody really uses it anyway), you have to set it up yourself with blend nodes. And yes, the ik-solver needs to be applied through chops.

I think that as you go and you decide to implement other things (springy bones) you'll use chops a lot more. Just like in Maya you can blend as many bones with each other as you want.

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