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Referencing animation into DOPS


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Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help.

I have created a procedural animation within SOPS of rolling objects and wish to at a certain point allow DOPS to take over whilst inheriting its velocity at a certain frame. I have been trying to do this using the motion DOP or RBD state DOP along with the active state to specify when to switch it to an active RBD object.

The problem is I can't read in the animation data as there is no specific chanels to reference into the motion or rbd state DOPs. I have also tried using a point expression in the translation parameter of the motion but this creates some strange unwanted animation.

The expression I was trying to use was something along these lines

point(ch("../../TO_DOPS"), $PT, "P", 0)

for the x transform and so on for y and z. I have tried this expression also at SOP level applying it to an un-animated object but the expression doesn't work there either, so if someone could point me in the right direction for that expression that would be hugely appreciated.



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hey scp,

in your motion DOP channel ref the posx, y and z and whatever you need else e.g. the pivot and set it to 'set always'. the motion DOP should be applied after your rbdobject.

your geometry to collide with needs a activevalue.. set its activation to 0 and 'set always'

have you ever tried this out? let me know if there are any problems.

i can make you a little example if you still have problems then.



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