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from Houdini Technical FX : cant find what is wrong with mine.

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Hi all,

I am watching "Houdini Technical FX" by Peter Claes.

Second Chapter, "Particle Wave".

I was doing this part..post-3325-1219086230_thumb.jpg

I did what Peter did in the tutorial exactly same and Cant find why the group name is invalid..

Here is the Scene File. H9.1

Thank you very much!



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While you're inside the foreach network (and causing it to evaluate at this level only), there is no stamp() variable available ("shit") at this scope, meaning it'll use the default value you've supplied.. which is "".

So, at this level your group name is expanding to "selGrp_", which probably doesn't exist.

To fix: Add a sensible default to make sure your group name matches a valid group after being strcat()ed, and/or hit "u" and pop up one level to evaluate the entire foreach, making the stamp variable available.

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