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whats the difference between "shadow map quality" and "


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Just got confused for the light parameter that one parameter says that the shadow map quality and another parameter says that shadow map samples.. what exactly is the difference between these things... can anybody tell me..

Shadow Map Samples is the supersampling used when generating shadow-maps. So for fine details (like fur) set this up to, say, 3x3 (obviously this works in conjunction with shadow map resolution to get you a resultant shadow resolution). You can keep it low for low frequency things like soft clouds, etc.

Shadow Map Quality is a speed-vs-quality adjustment when reading/accessing shadowmaps only, and is really more visible when you are using large Shadow Softness values. What quality you need depends on what your scene demands but generally the default is good. You might want to visualize the effect on a white surface (just insert a white card into your fur ball, perhaps).

Hope this helps,


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