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Challenge 2 - Greeble operation


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Challenge #2: GREEBLE!!


These are images shamelessly ripped from the net - all props to their respective creators

Contest Primary Goal

Create a Greeble operation to add small secondary detail to a model. (See the Greeble Wikipedia entry).

This can be a series of SOPs, and HDK operation or a Python operation.

Easy to use controllable regions to greeble is a must - and some thought to model scale and shape must be given. It should be possible to greeble many different models but we do realize that model topology might be an issue for some types of greeble. However, the goal is to make the operation as tolerant and reliable as possible and should create good clean geometry ready for rendering.

The best reference for all this is other greeble tools, and the model detail in practical miniatures that inspired them. Look at Star Wars images and other Sci Fi movies for inspiration. Greebles should have a simple base resolution but can potentially add some really cool high resolution details.

Secondary Goals: Outside the box

Greeble shapes. Maybe boxes are too simplistic? Maybe domes, rhomboids or chamfered boxes? Whatever looks cool and might be useful for people to add interest to their models. How about pipes and tubes? Or antennae and parabolic dishes?

Greeble themes (space+scifi/organic/electronics/mechanics/etc).

Greebling by displacement mapping only.

Coloured greebles, or textured greebles.

Animated greebles.


Points are given for:

  • Attaining the primary goal.
  • Cleanliness of the resultant model. Lowest poly count to achieve your look, accuracy of modeling, etc.
  • Cleanliness of the node network. Using as few nodes as necessary, cleanly labeled, with good understandable group names.
  • Ingenuity in your algorithm is rewarded too - but sometimes this can conflict with understandibility.
  • Reliability across different input models.
  • Cool features would always be cool.
  • Extra points for creating a totally encapsulated OTL.
  • An extra point for a nice render of your greeble results to show it all off.


  • You may do this however you want. Hand crafted, particles, RBD, whatever.. as long as it's built in Houdini
  • Hipfiles must accompany the final submission. An OTL is first prize.
  • WIP's are very much encouraged ( and by that, we mean only slightly below mandatory), and should be posted with a title following this format : "Challenge 2 - Greeble : <name>, <title of anim>"
  • Only challengers who follow the rules will be entered into the final vote.
  • The format for the final entry should consist of an image and a hipfile/otl. An animated screencap of usage would be nice too.
  • The contest ends one month from today. 17th of October is the cutoff date for entries.


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The Greeble Challenge is closed to new entries, Thanks all who participated!

I'll just wait till tomorrow and let the Peter and Hazoc send in their files. I know, the rules aren't terribly strict as we didn't have too many entries. :)

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I'll just wait till tomorrow and let the Peter and Hazoc send in their files. I know, the rules aren't terribly strict as we didn't have too many entries. :)

My file will be seen somewhere in the future. I haven't got the time to finish it up yet. So I withdraw form the contest but will keep pushing the tool forward. Infact now when the deadline is not an issue, I'd love to see more theories on greeble. For example yours, Jason:)

Especially pipes are tricky. Unlike the basic per primitive greeble, pipes should look somewhat more global. Flow around on the input geometry instead of getting clipped against each primitive boundary.

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