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MentalMill AE for OGL2 shader authoring

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I downloaded the free NVidia FXComposer 2.5:


The nice thing is that it comes bundled with MentalMill Artist Edition, which is a VOPs-like environment for authoring DirectX and GLSL shaders.

I tried to author some basic shaders and I can export them as vertex and fragment GLSL pieces of code. I then try to use them in Houdini by creating a new GLSL type and pasting the generated code, but when I attach the shader to geometry I only get black objects.

Anyone played with this? I have the feeling it can be very powerful but I miss something obvious.

I attach some generated code for a simple Phong.




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Hey Dragos!

Really fun, isn't it! Check out OpenGL shaders bundled with Houdini, but as far as I know these shaders from mental mill needs Houdini's lights loop, which has to be added manually. A Loop which is added by mental mill (if you added light into a scene), didn't work for me either.

Something like:

 for (int iLight = 0; iLight < gl_MaxLights; ++iLight)
		if (glH_LightEnabled[iLight] != 0)
			// call procedurs from mental mill...

BTW: didn't know artist edition can export to GLSL... haven't they limit it previously?

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