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Challenge #2 - Hazoc's spaceship generator

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I just use a Creep sop inside a Foreach operator to fill every input primitive with a pile of randomly oriented letters..which I then randomly extrude. The nice thing is that this way the detail is not based on crazy tesselation of everything.

Sad that my 2x4-core machine uses a fraction of it's power to cook the network so iteration is slightly slow. It takes one or two minutes.

No public .hip at the moment. It's a total mess and needs refactoring(and new features! Pipes and antennas).

Here's a pic of two intersecting lowpoly toruses turned into a massive mechanical whatever. Can't forget a proper space movie post processing.




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Thanks Jason.

I like'em too. And the idea that it's actual geometry so it can be blown up or something.

It's funny how sophisticated thing greeble really is. If you're aiming for a believable spaceship surfaces.

Randomizing everything just won't work. One needs to build all sorts of weird logics before elements even distantly seem to fit.

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