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Houdini Ocean Toolkit forum rules

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This is the support forum for HOT. Basic information about the toolkit can be found on the wiki: HoudiniOceanToolkit.

If you are having problems compiling the HOT please make sure that you can successfully compile something like SOP_Star.C from the HDK examples before posting in this forum. If you can't go to the HDKFrequentlyAskedQuestions page.

Thanks to Drew for providing the toolkit, we'll do our best to help those using it.



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Next rule :

Please search the forum before asking any questions. There seem to be a myriad of Windows compiling issues, most of which can probably be sorted out by reading through the forums a bit first. Only if you really can't find an answer (or infer an answer from the hundred other questions) then post.

We love the fact that Drew is on here supporting the tool, but please don't forget that he's doing this for free... The last thing we want to do is drain all his energy by repeatedly asking the same questions.

Thanks for your understanding


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