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Grouping Particle collisions in a DOPNET


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Hey all

maybe im missing something silly in POPS, but in a working example, when adding a collision POP in a working pop network, u can generate a group of particles based on their hitcount etc, this is easy within a collision pop....

however what if i plan on doing the collisions in DOPS, ie have my particles interaction with rbd's, how can I create the group of particles that have been hit ?

ie do the grouping in DOPS

any idea on how to achieve this ?

thanks in advance


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hey jason

Thanks for the reply, i started doing something like that, and came accross the pstate var.

I managed to do this by using a sop solver and storing the pstate in an arb var,

so basically when the particle collides, u get the pstate ==8 for free (i dunno why i didnt spot that)

and all that is needed is a sop solver to accumulate that value and make sure that once its set, it cant go back to 0.

basically giving u something like a persistent group :)

see u in dec for a fair share of mojitos :blink:

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