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Create this kind of motion


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Hello, friends.

I am creating a simple fluids smoke simulation. But I can't get this kind of motion. The problem is that when fluid collides the bottom of the container, it continues to walk along the bottom of the container to its sides, and then it reaches the sides of the container, and finaly I have the square-shape-smoke. If I increase the size of the container, first I get very low quality smoke, and second I just follows along the floor, and then stops and dissapeares. But I need the fluid to swirl after it collides with the floor, and then swirl again and again, without reaching the sides of the container. I tried to illustrate the kind of motion which I need on this picture.


Please help me to understand what I need to twick to get this kind of motion, or maybe create a simple scene from which I'll understand the idea.

Thanks a lot.

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Anyhoo, turning up the Vortex Confinement to like 10 will give you a lot more nice swirling, and will get you close to what you want. However, the gas will continue to expand outwards and will eventually hit the edges. If you never want them to go that way, or if you want them to collect back towards the source, you'll probably have to add some additional forces.

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