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How to render a massive furred character reflection?

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I dont understand how to render massive furred character`s reflection on a flat plane.. I cannot raytrace it... so how is it possible to render it?

Common trick is to project rendering from a second camera onto a ground. You can lower down most settings of a second render since it will be blurred anyway, so time investment is not so high.

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hey symek thanks but lets consider my angle is too high from ground like 70 degrees from ground then ? doenst it look fake? putting camera parallel to ground? or is it other way?

You need second camera mirrored over the ground to main cam. In essence it's a same cam with reversed Y axis and pointing the same target. Render image from it, then project it from a POV of main cam onto to ground. Now you have basic ground reflection of target. Works on flat surfaces...

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