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export animated, uv'd sequence from maya to use in houdini


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hey everyone,

i'm trying to export an animated 3d model of a girl running. she is uv'd and textured already. i've noticed that you cannot straight out of the box from maya, export a sequence of objs... i've tried to export using the two different scripts: exportSeries.mel and OBJSequenceExport.mel

neither of these are working for me anymore. it just crashes maya. sometimes it'll run through a few frames then crash, sometimes it'll hang instantly then crash... error report gives low memory threshold. i've tried on multiple computers, mac and pc, multiple versions of maya, 2008 and 2009... all with the same result. i'm not sure why it's crashing out because the scene is fairly small...

anyways, i need to bring in this animated, uv'd girl into houdini, so that i can have a textured, animated model in houdini, that i'm going to emit particles from, and use the color information

does anyone have any suggestions how i can get an animated, uv'd model into houdini?

thank u

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