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illuminance loop


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I am trying to wrap my head around the illuminance loop and on how to approach establishing a lighting model within it. I would like to start very simple and just be able to gather the diffuse, specular, and reflection channels and pass those into deep rasters. I am able to construct my own shading models in VOPS and have dissected shaders but am left more than a little confused.

Can I construct my network within one loop or do I need a loop for each property that I would like to gather? The Sesi shaders seem to do this but I have also seen one where it seems like a regular network with a shadow, lambert spec some mults and adds kinda thing.

What node do I use to export my variable...diffuseExport etc that gets attached to the illum output?

Thanks for any pointers here...


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There is always this post which I think is the best example which really explains things well.

Also, I did a simple video on this with my base understanding of the subject (if I follow your question correctly). Maybe it might help?

You can find it here titled "Part 3: Light Export Using Illuminance Loops"

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