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Particles are disappearing and then reappearing


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Hey all,

New to this site, someone recommended I check it out.

I have a problem with particles that keep disappearing and reappearing from frame to frame. Just about all the information from a particular pop network vanishes and then comes back a couple frames later as if it never happened... this goes on through the render so it creates a flickering effect with all the particles from a particular popnet.

The alpha disappears and reappears with the color info.

It happens when I use sprites or just points.

I have noticed when I adjust the birth probability down it helps but its not set all that high to begin with.

I also took the drag node out (nothing fancy going on in that node, just an override mass to rand($ID)) and it seemed to help for some reason. I kind of need to use drag though. I tried to fake drag using a velocity vector and apply negative force according to how high the velocity is, but that didnt fix it either.

I cant put my finger on whatever is causing it.

I skimmed the other forum topics and didnt see anything. Sorry if I missed it.

Has anyone run into this issue or have any suggestions?

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Are you rendering directly from the POP network with a few machines? Did you try writing out the particles to disk first before rendering them?

If you're rendering directly from the POP network, you have to turn on Initialize Simulation OPs on the ROP though it's more efficient to write the particles out first.

Please let us know how it goes.



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Hey guys I appreciate your responses....

so I tried increasing the oversampling to 2, 3, 4, and 8 and no dice.

I tried turning on Initialize Simulation OPs on the ROP but that didnt do the trick either..

Ive rendered out 90 frames now without the drag node and all the frames render fine as long as I leave out drag... but its kind of a bummer cuz the sprites eventually separate too far from one another (trying to make flaming smoke trails from flying chunks of a blown out wall)

Im going to try rendering to the disk when I get some time, Ill let you know what happens.

any more suggestions are welcome.

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