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Problem saving i3d files

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one more thing i forgot

even if i am able render out a i3d texture file ( to the C drive), when i try to visualize it using an isosurface SOP i get nothing, no surface at all, do you know what might be happening here? BTW i am doing the contrail tutorial from Techimage, might it be that there is not enough detail in the particles for the isosurface to use to create some geometry?

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the contrail tutorial i remember it well. you will love the resalts when you get it to work. if i remember correctly i had trouble visualising the i3d in the iso. but in the end it worked are you using 5 or 6!?!?!

i don't think it matters how meny particles there are if you look in the POP setion as long as you can see that there are 10- 20 around the same area then it should produce good results.

i think you can render with out the iso :( but i can remember. are you just doing the standard rocket or are you using your something else.

this is what i did with the smoke:



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bren- thank you for the reply. The smoke looks good can't wait to get it working. I was refering to i3d in general, i constantly have problems geting my i3d files to save to the D drive correctly and also with visualizing the i3d texture with iso-surfaces, anyone have an idea why these two things are cause problems.


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