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quick question anyone,

starting to learn vop network for shaders, and was wondering how would one set up the connection of EDGEFALLOFF into POW VOP? Edgefalloff is a vector, and pow requires a float value. Looking to use the falloff as the exp of the POW VOP. My goal is to make the object more opaque towards the surface edges.



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Check out the following VOPs as it is already done for you in two different variants: Alpha Mix and Edge Falloff.

Alpha Mix is the old-school material way of using alpha-para, alpha-perp, and alpha-roll where alpha roll changes the power rolloff between parallel and perpendicular surafes to the eye (camera). Lots of control.

Edge Falloff is the other variant that assumes that you want to roll off from perpendiular to parrallel edge faces in a nice 1 to 0 fashion. It just takes a color and a roll-off value using a power function.

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