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circular flow to simulation


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hi .. i have been trying to work out a tyre burn out simulation using pyro effects. what i am struggling with is the circular motion i need to give the smoke as the tyre starts rotating. I need a force field which work like the 'vortex' force in 3dmax...

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there is a vortex force in DOPs but you can also build your own -force-type-thingy

have a look at the fieldforce-dop,

basicaly create your "vortex-geometry" (in Sops) and create vectors which are the "force-vectors" (and name them "force")

in Dops use the sop-geometry node to import the geometry and use the forcefield-dop


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Thanks for the reply Seb.. I've never used fieldforce before, but as i understand that its a force which can take any geometry (dynamic object) and make it work like a force field... pls correct me if i am getting this wrong.

However, this is what i quite don't understand: 'create vectors which are the "force-vectors"'

Can u please elaborate this.


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