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Calculating Volumes


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I'm trying to figure out a more precise way to calculate volumes of irregular shaped objects. Main purpose is to know how many particles I'll need for fluid sims, either in RealFlow or Houdini. My first approach is with the points from volume, and grabbing the point count....not exact, but it gets me close. I know the bare bones formula for getting volumes from a bounding box, but for odd shaped objects that obviously doesn't work. Inside RealFlow they have a heads up display of what your object volume is in gallons, but I'm not sure the math behind how they are getting that. Maybe this is a simple question, but its boggling my mind.

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have you tried measure SOP?

it can calculate volume, per primitive and then you can promote it (sum) to detail attribute

(i am not sure what math is behind this, the idea of calculating volume of planar primitive seems strange for me but it works as far as i needed it)

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