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silly challenge

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Well, this might seem like a silly challenge, but somehow I keep doing it for fun, just to see how many different ways I can do it. So I figued it'd be interesting to see what other people come up with.

TASK1: create a rolling box.

seems easy, but have you tried it? Grab your average cube, and make it roll along a grid.

Okay, okay, so maybe that was easy....

TASK2: create several boxes, of different sizes, and have them rolling at different speeds. No sliding or intersection!

TASK3: have them roll on uneven ground. I haven't actually tried this myself yet, but it sounds like it'd be adding an interesting twist to the thing... I'm thinking large rolling hills, not small features.




here's a pic of some boxes of different sizes rolling along at different speeds along a flat grid. I'm not really sure how one might submit proof of their creations.... I guess just submit a pic or two, and we'll believe you :)


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gee, um...thanks...

for the how, well no secret there: practice,practice,practice...you're gonna have a blast ripping apart the hipfiles posted on this forum.....the examples that shipp(ed?) with houdini were quite helpful too....(look in the /demo folder)

as for where?...he he he....well, houdini, where else! :P


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err....nope! :D

...not in my case anyways, but sure sounds interesting...

actually I was a bit off...

basic arithmetic + ONE cos() + ONE modulo%=2~3 expressions...done.

then again, there are so many ways to do it, there is no "correct" way

for all I know you could probably totally bypass the math....and still get the same thing!

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uuhh..... Yeah... I guess I am just a little bit busy here. I am trying to finish up modeling my sword by before I get to sleep tonight. I am trying to working on the detail at the moment. Give us another day or two to get to it. :)

Here's what I have on my modeling if you are interested in taking a look. Let me know how it is aesthetically. I am having a lot of difficulty making it look aesthetically pleasing and design flow well...


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well, one thing strikes me first...try imagining grabbing your sword...ouch! the handle could certainly use some thickness to make it more comfy....but wait!....that would throw the design out!....one solution, thicken the whole thing in various proprotions...the whole thing looks adequately complex but 2D :)

and the delicate lacework on the inverted wings look like they might break off during a good fight (it IS a sword after all :) )

so you might move them to a dsiplacement map on the sides of the "wings"

creative use of displacement might save you the trouble of modelling a lot of fine detail so you can concentrate on the broader proportional issues...

...looks cool!...

and JAsooon...please move those 2 posts to the modelling section ! we have to keep our forum tidy and well sorted (unlike my desk, but.... oh well...)

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oh! oh !

and I love the details at the junction where the blade meets the handle, but don't you think the strangulation gives it a little flimsy look?

you might wanna convey that the blade is firmly embedded in the handle, not that it has the thin waist of a comic-book heroin...

just my 2c

still looks cool though ;)

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Ah. Thanks for your input. :)

By the way, what do you mean by strangulation? (That's a new word into my vocab. :P Just checked dictionary.com. still unsure how you mean.)

I haven't touched the handle on that post just yet. At the time, I wanted to know the relative length of it. THe handle definitly will have its thickness to to it. But then again, I may just have to hold this one until I finished my character modeling to measure it out.

As for the displacement lacey-stuff, I have seriously thought about that one. But... I don't know why I took the route I took right now... (Yeah, I couldn't defend myself right now. :D Guilty.) I am still thinking abou taking this one out completely. I just think it seems a bit more distracting than actually doing good. :huh:

On the.. umm.. the area with the wavy designs up at the very top of the cross section of the sword; I was trying to figure out how I can bring that out to prevent a filmsy look to it, but somehow it doesn't quite fit well in the over designs... After all, the role of that is to offset the rigidness of the initial design - which is pretty much all straight lines and such.

I think I should go back to my drawing board to think about these. It's probably the least pre-planned modeling I've had for a while. :o

BTW, my apology for taking up a few of your post over here. ANyway, I"ll

get back to your challenge to see if I can figure it out. :)



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By the way, what do you mean by strangulation? (That's a new word into my vocab.  Just checked dictionary.com. still unsure how you mean.)

ha ha ha...my english is probably worse than yours, as I used the word way out of context....well...basically strangulation is choking to death...but in um...*other* languages it also means a narrowing feature ...(close eniough)....I meant to say that the junction where the blade hit the guard is too narrow, looks kinda flimsy...check the attached pic....on the right a suggestion to make it look more believable...

I was trying to figure out how I can bring that out to prevent a filmsy look to it, but somehow it doesn't quite fit well in the over designs

well...just an idea....look at the pic...yellow feature....doesn't have to stick out...being embedded is just as well...(IMHO)


(PS: it's not my challenge :) I just wanted to keep people interested in the "challenge" idea...)


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