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Particle rendering

Farsheed Ashouri

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Here is what I need to know :


what is the recipe for this effect?

hmmm.... off the top of my head and just to get you started in sop land you could -

Sphere -> "pointsfromvolume" (may want to play with the jitter) -> "sort" by Y -> "color" by bounding box -> "point" sop

Add expression something like $TY+$F/n*fit($PT,0,npoints("../pointsfromvolume"),x,y)*ch("anim_mult") in the Y position

where 'n' is some number to control the speed, x and y are the min\maxes to control the size of the distance and anim_mult is an additional float paramater you've created to animate.

Copy sop something onto them with "use template point attributes" and you'll have coloured dotty things. With some playing around and some added noise, perhaps through vops, you'd probably be able to get something similar...

Hope this helps,


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Well, first thanks you for your goodness.

I play will you recipe and come up with this file. I didn't understand the anim channel and the role of x and y so I send you my file.

I'll appreciate if you play with it and improve it. :D


Hi Farsheed,

Sorry for the delay have been away from houdini. I've attached a file for you, i think my initial idea was perhaps not the best way to go but i've updated what i meant anyway... The anim_mult was adding a new paramater, you do this by clicking on the gear icon and "edit parameter interface" (the first option) then adding a float onto your point sop, you can call it whatever you like, in this case anim_mult with Animation Multiplier as the label. The x and y (in hindsight should have called them something else...) where the new min and new max values to multiply the offset by, in this case i've dropped them down so the motion is not quite as fast.

Secondly i've given you the basis of a simple particle solution, probably much much closer to what you want to do... you'll need to play with the noise force and the speed of the collider\number of particles\color etc... but the groundwork is there.




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