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Object rotation limits?

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getting really close to duplicating the maya rig :) weeee

but I'd like to put some rotation limits on the proxy geometry (some animators don't like limits - but screw them I say!)

anyway, in maya there are attributes to limit local rotations > eg: in X from -30deg to 30deg etc...

I've looked at clamp() and the limit chop, but these are objects that will be manipulated by the animator so they can't be overridden by something else...

any ideas?


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yeah...I just thought of that....the character is going to end up being an OTL anyway....hmmm....I'll leave it for now - it's not too important...although it wouls be nice to know if/how this could be done

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The way to do it is to do something like "clamp(cubic(), -40, +40)" and put that into your first key. After that, succeeding keys will also use that expression and be automatically clamped. In H6, there was a bug (which now has been fixed) where the handles didn't seem to obey this unless you were on a keyframe.

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