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sss with displacment without using ptc


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Im trying to implement complete mantra in our pipeline becoz its faster than prman in many cases and also quality wise its on par with prman or any renderer. Im just stuck now with just two problems...

1. sss with displacment without ptc

2. Fur seems rendering slow than 3delight or prman... i need to find a better way though...

I tried out rendering reflections in mantra which is far superior than 3delight or prman... wow its amazing... but the above two problems are making me to roll back to prman or 3delight...

I dont know what to do now... somebody said to use Axis sss but there it seems no concrete solution as of now...

But I would request SESI for a good Dipole shader just like in 3delight... which looks just awesome... Its been even said that the shader will be shipping with H10 but it didnt happen... guys help me...

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I'm not familiar with PTC (pleas excuse my ignorance.. what does it stand for?)

He's talking about PoinT Clouds. ;)


You could take a look at some old shaders like Mario's SSS shader found here. But you're first thougth about trying the Axis SSS shader might be a better start for what you are looking for (and it's newer). Why is the Axis shader not a concrete solution?

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