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RBD activation (.hipnc for testing included)


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I've been using this solution I found..i think it was here on odforce.

Where you could animated a bounding box, and activate physics bodies based on alot of attribute color management in a ForEach SOP.

However I noticed that when you come up to 2-300 pieces and above the ForEach SOP doing this slows down your sim alot.

So I did this dirty little solution, it also uses a ForEach SOP, but alot less attribute managment inside, it uses a VOP_SOP. so it's rather fast.

It probably can "missfire" if you have groups of pieces that are not connected. and you may want to tweak the settings some if you have strange mesh.

I included a .hipnc if you want to test it out, there are two geo's in /obj, 1 is the solution I used before, and the other is the VOP_SOP solution. You can compare speed's by activating each of them and drag the time slider.

I didn't include the physics setup but I gather if you know what this is you know how to setup the group's in DOP's to make it work.

By default there are 256 pieces for each of the test cases, if you want to try more just enter into the geo node and find the "For_Each_Piece_Generator" and increase 8...9 will generate 512..10 generates 1024..etc.. and the speed difference becomes realy noticeable the higher you go.

Maybe something like this already is out there, or a better solution, just thought I'd share what was a big speed increase and worked for me, hope you like it.




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Hey Magnus,

I'm surprised nobody answered your post.

I downloadded your file and gave it a try, the speed gain is quite impressive. Now I just have to digg and understand what you did !

I'm looking for an effective and fast solution to setup my personal earthquake project and it looks like your method could come in handy !

Thanks !


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