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Strange behavior with links from feeds

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argh... It's the reason I just upgraded to the latest version. I believe there's an exploit somewhere but I can't find it. It also happens if you search

"site://odforce.net blah" in google.

I've even tracked down the cookie it sets, but I can't find where we've been compromised.


I'll keep looking, thanks for letting me know.


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ok I found the problem and fixed it. Please let me know if it reoccurs.

Someone had slipped some base64 code into one of the forum caches which redirected you if you came from one of these sites :


silly hackers

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The problem is, is that we own a license of the software but we're not on support. So I can't even report this to them in the hopes that they'll fix it sometime... I just get ignored, which seems a bit silly really.

eh well


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