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Hi Guys,

I've never tried modelling anything in houdini, always done it in Maya but Maya is letting me down with an effect that I am trying to achieve so wondering if there is an easy way to do it in Houdini.

Basically I have a Mesh that I need to break up into cubes but still have the form of the mesh. Aside from manually doing this in Maya or houdini is there an easy way.

I'm attaching the mesh as an obj so you guys can see the mesh. The cubes need to be pretty small as well. The mesh also needs to be smoothed, and I would say a good size for the cubes would be about 0.5 of a grid block in Houdini

Please Hulp ;p



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File SOP > Subdivide SOP (adjust to taste) > IsoOffset SOP (Output type: TetraMesh, Tetra Type: Cubes)

You will have to adjust the sampling to get what you want. Also, it might be better to split out the smaller size text and use an IsoOffset on them separately.

Alternatively, search the forums on how to scatter points uniformly in a volume and you should be able to copy boxes onto the points.



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