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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, It's possible to display VDB object as a " box " in viewport?... And use the result only at render. thank you. Pak.
  2. Hello, I am dealing with a particle sim and I need some way of optimizing it. This is the case: particles are emitted and falling on the ground. Once they fall on the ground they bounce a bit and then stop moving. In this simulation I need to emit a lot of particles so it goes slow after a bit as particles accumulate fast on the ground. However I don't need to simulate those particles on the ground anymore, but pop solver simulates them all. Is there some sort of equivalent of @active attribute as in bullet sim? I can think of one way - I can set up a velocity treshold, which will move stopped particles to a group. Then I can remove particles from this group so that pop solver doesn't simulate them, but before that I will collect them in another solver? Any better approaches / ideas? Juraj
  3. Hey odforce, I am currently working on a scene that involves a bullet shooting through a glass of water. I figured out how to do the effect but when I run the entire simulation it just stops at the frame the glass breaks. I was wondering why it might do that. I am not rendering yet but I have built the materials. Any ideas as too why that would happen? I am on a decently powerful machine. - Jake