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Found 4 results

  1. Pyro Clustering Tutorial

    In this tutorial we will go over how to set up optimized pyro clustering with oriented DOP containers in Houdini given a piece of geometry moving through a scene. This process will lower simulation time and be more efficient when saving to disk because there are fewer voxels. Link to Tutorial -> https://gum.co/TqUNR We first go over how to get things set up quick and easy and in the second half of the tutorial we make further optimizations using VEX. We'll look at how to rewrite cluster points to do exactly what we need it to, which includes rewriting the resample sop using VEX. An intermediate tutorial for those looking to speed up their pyro workflow and learn some VEX. Includes the scene file! Hope to see everyone leveraging these optimizations in the future and squeezing in those extra few iterations before deadline! You can reach me at trzankofx@gmail.com for questions or comments.
  2. VDB Cloud

    Hello, It's possible to display VDB object as a " box " in viewport?... And use the result only at render. thank you. Pak.
  3. Hello, I am dealing with a particle sim and I need some way of optimizing it. This is the case: particles are emitted and falling on the ground. Once they fall on the ground they bounce a bit and then stop moving. In this simulation I need to emit a lot of particles so it goes slow after a bit as particles accumulate fast on the ground. However I don't need to simulate those particles on the ground anymore, but pop solver simulates them all. Is there some sort of equivalent of @active attribute as in bullet sim? I can think of one way - I can set up a velocity treshold, which will move stopped particles to a group. Then I can remove particles from this group so that pop solver doesn't simulate them, but before that I will collect them in another solver? Any better approaches / ideas? Juraj
  4. Optimize Scene

    Hey odforce, I am currently working on a scene that involves a bullet shooting through a glass of water. I figured out how to do the effect but when I run the entire simulation it just stops at the frame the glass breaks. I was wondering why it might do that. I am not rendering yet but I have built the materials. Any ideas as too why that would happen? I am on a decently powerful machine. - Jake