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Found 3 results

  1. So I was writing some vex code for a scene Im working on, and while I was debugging the code to correct an issue I placed various printf() functions in the code to check the state of the attributes right after I made some changes to them, and I noticed that if I load an attribute in a variable and print it, modify the attribute, reload it in the same variable and then print the variable out again, it wont show the newer value if the loading&printing process is done in the same wrangle node of where the attribute was modified. Here's an example scene wich exactly recreates my scenario. Am I missing something stupid here? Test_attribute.hipnc
  2. Hi This may be really stupid but I was working on a volume wrangle, and I noticed that the printf() function does not work on this kind of wrangle node... Is it just me or am I making some kind of stupid mistake? In the pic the node to the left prints nothing, instead of the node of the right (wich has the same code), wich actually prints "Hello" to the Houdini console.
  3. Hi, guys. My friend find a strange VEX problem. When we first create a 10*10 grid, and use a point wrangle run points level(detail level works correct) with: if(@Frame == 2){ printf("%s\n", "ss"); } The console show "ss", it was a right way. But if we change the grid to 40* 40, or much bigger. The console show two or more the two lines. Does it concerned with the number of threads?