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sprites for pyro?

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Juraj    163


I came across this awesome showreel.


When you go to 01:08 then you can see there the thursters shot from Prometheus.

When I saw this shot in the movie I was really impressed by this FX.

But what surprised me whas comment in video "Thrusters dust sprites FX". Until now I had thought that sprites was some old technique that was used in old games/movies to create some basic effects.

How is it possible to create such an awesome effect using sprites? Or was it used for just background elements?

I would think that it was made with some fluid solver and custom sculpted velocity grids to create this nice flow of dust.

Also how would you approach creating this FX?

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michael    156

many many MANY FX shots in film/TV still do particles/dust etc in comp

studios have libraries of FX elements (GB of image seq on disk - never organized) of footage of dust, rain, sparks etc etc...

it's very fast and if the images are from real footage it will look real because it is real...


that said - you could do a pyro sim and then build sprites from the render...

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Shinjipierre    31

I guess I can explain, a volume simulation was created by someone else (John Sparks).

I covered the sim with sprites to gain the level of detail needed for the shot. 

So, that shot has a combination of sprites and volume well mixed by a compositor.


I hope that explanation helps :)

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Juraj    163

I am wondering - what methods do you use to create your sprite textures? Is it mostly procedural noise or do you prefer keyed footage of real elements?

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