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noob vex query

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i am trying to follow this class by ari danesh at around 20:40 mark he uses the noise function in a point wrangle. i can not get it to work... it returns me with errors saying "noise" or the variable "P" is an ambiguous call to function/ undefined variable. i am using houdini 16.0. Anyone knows what i might be doing wrong. 




thanks in advance,

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11 minutes ago, Sepu said:

@scale = set(1, noise(@P) * 2-1, 1);

You are missing @P

thanks a ton  (he didn't use the @P in the video)


also when i use this function with time:

@scale = set(1, noise(@P*@Time)*2-1, 1);

the animation speeds up with time, any tips how to keep it animate at same speed througout the timeline?



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