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Resample Lines by length

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I have some lines, and I want to add points to each line based on the length of the line. The longer the line, the fewer points I want to add , and the shorter the line , the more points I want to add. 
I have already calculated the perimeter of each line and stored the values in an attribute called " perm". 

After I isolated one line inside the foreach, I add the Resample node. I want to get the resample "length" parameter and divide it by the attribute "perm" to see what happens.

I have a point expression in the "Length" paramter of the resample to reference in the values of the perm attribute but it's not working...
point(opinputpath(“.”,0), $Ptnum, “perm”,0)

Is there something here I'm missing? I attached my file If anyone wants to take a look.


Thank you.


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hm maybe this is not what you looking for because its not proportional to the segment length but you can use the ptdist to delete if the points are x units apart from each other? And ctrl the the resample size with the segments count...I attached the file. 




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After calculating their length, you can use a primwrangle on the lines.

// user parameters
float cut    = chf('cut');
float change = chf('restlength');

// identify point positions
int vtx_0 = primvertex(0, @primnum, 0);
int vtx_1 = primvertex(0, @primnum, 1);
int pt_0 = vertexpoint(0, vtx_0);
int pt_1 = vertexpoint(0, vtx_1);
vector pos_0 = point(0, "P", pt_0);
vector pos_1 = point(0, "P", pt_1);

// define slices based on user parameters
@restlength = pow(@restlength, change);
int slice = int( ceil(cut / @restlength) );
slice = max(slice, 2);

// add new primitive with points and vertices
int add_prim = addprim(0, "polyline");

for(int i = 0; i < slice; i++) {
    float mix  = i / float(slice - 1); 
    vector pos = lerp(pos_0, pos_1, mix);
    int add_pt = addpoint(0, pos);
    addvertex(0, add_prim, add_pt);

// remove the old primitives
removeprim(0, @primnum, 1);



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with H16 what you can do is just rename your "perm" attribute to "segment_length" (or "num_segments" alternatively) and enable overriding attributes (should be enabled by default I think)

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