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Using sound data to drive NON realtime simulations and renders

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Recently picked up Andrew Lowell's dated but excellent book on using realtime audio with Houdini.


Matt Estela also has a great demo using sound volume in CHOPs to indirectly drive particles.


So now I fully understand how to use CHOPs to extract volume and frequency information from sounds and drive parameters in a SOP network, in 'realtime'.

But what is missing in my understanding is how to then use the exact same data for simulations (and renders) ie NON real time.

My goal is to use the exact same data (a sound file in this case) to drive a simulation and also as the soundtrack (when comped with the final render).



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Just give it a try. Why do think the real-time won't work with a sim?

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Thanks Atom. I've also watched Peter Quint's excellent tutorial on using CHOP's to drive particles
https://vimeo.com/6931106 [vimeo.com]

But unless I'm missing something attempting to use audio to drive volume based smoke pyro simulations is something entirely different....

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Hi Jim, It's very simple. You create and tweak all the parameters you want in chops and sops and then, inside of DOP'S you can use the point expression, to read them. I've made a quick example for you.


I believe you can also use a sop solver to get attributes but this method is pretty straight forward.


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