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How to convert VDB to Points? OR how to visualize VDB precisely?


I am rendering Lava FLIP simulation in an external renderer as VDB. I want to visualize the generated SDF VDB before sending it to the external renderer, meaning: I want to "see" the voxels with zero density that represent the surface, other negative voxels that represent the inside of the fluid and how thick they are (i.e. is it one layer below the surface or two layers, does it go all the way to the inner most of the fluid...), does it generate positive voxels and how many layers? 

I am not sure exactly how to do that? I looked into "Particle Fluid Surface" and it uses "VDB From Particle Fluid" node with "Half-Band Voxel" set to 3, so I am assuming that I have approximately 6 layers of SDF VDB. However, I could not find a way to visualize these layers easily?? ALL what I got is a something that looks like an ISO surface (plz, check attached image)

I am thinking, is there a way to convert each voxel to exactly one point such that it copies the "density" attribute in the voxel? I was able to do something similar by using "Attribute from Volume" node, but it's not accurate because this node requires points cloud to copy attributes to (so multiple points might exist in the same voxel or maybe too many voxels outside the VDB altogether). 







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