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HtoA.Baking textures?

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what i usualy do when i have to render in arnold is to create and bake my procedurals with mantra and then use resulting textures in arnold. easy.

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i understand that Martin :) i think thou it shouldn't be too hard to recreate whatever he made in arnold into mantra... given that arnold doesn't offer too much in shaders anyways (unless he's using some very cool custom shading nodes :) and anyway, he's talking about texture, not shader, doesn't he?

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I have personal npr dithering shader recreated in two renders.
Look at picture.

I have(for example 5 colors) and i need(it's important) to have 5 colors in output indexed image.Plus i think it is obvious that with almost the same settings, the result in Arnold is better(maybe less light intensity in HtoA in example,it's not important).

HtoA give perfect result,but i am too lazy to recreate shader in Maya. ;)
Mantra with NO AA(it's my target if i want pure colors) give awful result.
With AA - count of colors increase in progression(i don't need that).
And yes,render in Mantra with AA and postproduction in any editor(Gimp,PS) for such result-converting in index image,playing with other filters don't give such nice and purest result(from the position of colors count).

So,thank for reply guys.)
Maybe someday i'll remade it in Maya.


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