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konstantin magnus

Displacing displacements for curly paper

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I have been playing around with a displacement shader that is supposed to make polygons look curly (see picture 1 and HIP file).

Would anyone know how to make them actually peel off so they dont fully cover their initial surface (picture 2)?

I think Kai Stavginski mentioned in his shading masterclass that its possible to displace displacements in shaders..




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13 hours ago, CinnamonMetal said:

Do you mean the Lighting Shading & Rendering Masterclass ?

Yes, when he was talking about cracks he mentioned that he can displace within displacements. He did not show how to do it, though.

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I have looked at your file and tried to create a valid Normal input for your Displace Along Normal node : the idea is to mix between the normal of your face when s is around 0.5, and normalized (P + dPds) when s is close to 0, and minus that when s is close to 1. This should shrink the face in the direction it is bending as you want.

I will share the file once I have tried (it almost works, but I have to make an if statement to reverse P+dPds once s>=0.5.... but it already reduce the face

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