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Since I'm a level 42 thread necromancer I figured I'd add a VFX Challenge suggestion.

I always like the challenge of doing a lot with very little. Like the Houdini 42 nodes things. That is kinda of stuff is fun along with completely procedural solutions. Greg. H was talking about the demoscene the other night and I thought it would be fun to try to and create whatever image you want but are only allowed to use like 1MB of RAM per SOP to do it. Or something along those lines.

Personally I find being told that I can't do something is much more motivating than telling me that I can. ;)

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I'm _so_ up for that! I was fortunate enough to be able to present shader-based render-time portals at Pixar's User Group this SIGGRAPH and would love to extend it to DOPs.

Actually I should *cough* mention that it was your talk which got me thinking along those lines. =)

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This is definitely a cool subject, as there are probably not that much technical challenges, for most of our veterans. Though for me there are plenty to solve ;-). Apart from that, it might stimulate our artistic side, which isn't a bad thing at all.

So, I'm in!


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What about a video game challenge using Houdini Engine with Unity?  

Is anybody here up for something like that?




After attending a talk at Sidefx yesterday about the Houdini Engine with Unity, I really think there is a lot of potential here. I'm personally very interested in learning more about this. But as challenges go, this might be a bit ambitious.

Perhaps creating a single houdini -> unity asset would be a better idea as a challenge.


In the talk yesterday they mentioned how you can link scripts to certain objects (like when the player walks inside an invisible collision object) that get triggered and do something cool.

I think given the procedural nature you could trigger some really cool behavior of assets.


-- The basic example was a sliding door. You could extend this to perhaps an escalator, or rotating cogs in a clockwork, or a series of 'traps' like Indiana Jones style setups.


- Also that talk was recorded and should be posted online soon.

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I did some work creating road systems and buildings in Unity for SideFX when I was interning there.

it might be fun to see other peoples takes on that :)

here is the video:

around 6 minutes is one more controllable building creation suite with interiors.
and around 9 minutes it's city creation for games with a roadnetwork.


I've already done these things so I'm not sure I'd join in myself again, but I'd love to see other peoples takes on these challenges and I do feel these are some of the most common production problems in videogames at this time.


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