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Found 4 results

  1. Continuous Mesh from Trimmed CAD surfaces

    Hello to all magicians ! So recently I've been trying to tackle a topic I never realized was going to be so painful : generate proper meshes from CAD files. The goal is to create a tool to generate clean, lowPoly meshes from CAD assets. And by CAD I mean using directly the nurbs surfaces/curves generated by the CAD software; often surfaces that are not joined really, they are just an ensemble of trimmed surfaces. If I just use a single Convert node, each surface will have its own mesh density, and what I really need is a continuous mesh allover. I've been reading quite a bit lately in ODforce forums as well as SideFX and I believe that this is still a mystery to most of us. From the information I've gathered, everything adds up to remodelling the asset using Nurbs tools... Creating profile curves, skinning, stitching, etc... but if any one has a better trick for this issue, I'm more that happy to hear ideas !! Thanks a lot
  2. Hello; I tried to import an AutoCAD drawings file into Houdini, but here are some problems: I saved my CAD file as "DXF", but only DFX files saved in "AutoCAD R12" can be imported (other versions doesn't works !), and this imported file is somehow corrupted ! (look at image bellow). Any idea? (My DXF and AutoCAD file is attached here). Thanks. MSD_CentralCore_01.dxf MSD_CentralCore_01.dwg
  3. Anyone here has experience importing OBJ file that is created i n Houdini to 3D max? As i cant find a way how to export my model out as DWG file (so i can load it in in Autocad) as i need to add measurements like wall height and how many square meters it has etc. I was trying to import it to 3D max and save out DWG fromat there. But model looks horrible in 3D max. And here is same model in Houdini
  4. Roof modeling from CAD line data

    Hi. I am trying to model buildings based on CAD drawings. The part I need help with is roof at this point. The relevant curves are in three layers. "Takkant", "M__nelinje" and "Bygningslinje". Here is an illustration of the data/Groups. "M__nelinje" Group has curves for the centerlines of the roof(s), "Takkant" has the edge lines and "Bygningslinje" is for corners.. My math/Python and VEX skills are not sufficcient to come up with a solution. If you can please have a look and suggest a path I should take to be able to work out roofs for these buildings? Cheers CityFromCurves.rar