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Found 7 results

  1. Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7789605953914422787 Michael Lyndon - from game developer The Coalition - is our guest host, joining SideFX's Luiz Kruel in this webinar on Houdini for Games - featuring examples from the just-released Gears of War 4. Topics include: • Transitioning from Film to Video Games as a Houdini Artist • Differences between real-time and offline VFX for a Houdini artist • How to work within the constraints of real-time • Rigid body destruction – building and optimizing a pipeline for speed and detail • Creating velocity fields and flowmaps • Creating looping fire sequences • Using Houdini to Prototype ideas • How we improved our rain system
  2. I thought this video by Seb Potter showing his procedural workflow for creating and populating low poly trees was pretty cool. https://youtu.be/006iPuxJyV0
  3. You might have already seen this when it was published back in January, but here's a Gamasutra article about procedural workflows for games written by Side Effects Software President and CEO Kim Davidson. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/233899/Sponsored_Go_Procedural__A_Better_Way_to_Make_Better_Games.php
  4. Learn more about Houdini is playing a growing role in game development in Quebec-based Frima Studio. Houdini for Games - Frima Studio
  5. Learn about how Guerrilla Games used Houdini to create effects for the PS4 launch title, Killzone: Shadow Fall, in this SideFX customer story. Killzone: Shadow Fall - Guerrilla Games
  6. Hi, my name is Ben and I am the Games Community Manager at Side Effects Software. If you are using Houdini to make game art, assets, animation, VR, etc. I'd like to talk to you! Don't hesitate to contact me via PM or email at ben@sidefx.com. Cheers
  7. Interested in a change of pace and scenery in the world of dynamic story-telling? Want to apply your expertise in films to cutting edge techniques in games, working on game development projects with the highest visual and quality bar, such as the iconic Tomb Raider series? Crystal Dynamics, a part of the Square-Enix family, is constantly on the hunt for top-tier gaming talent worldwide. We pride ourselves on attracting and developing the best talent available to concept, create, and contribute to the most exciting projects in gaming today. 20+ years of history creating fun and exciting titles for the world to enjoy as well as our studio’s 1000+ years of combined game industry experience provides a rich tapestry of tested and new ideas to draw from as have established us as one of the best studios in the world to work for. Join now to be part of making gaming history! This position will be onsite and temporary, with competitive pay and other studio perks. As a temporary role, relocation and housing will not be included - candidates must be authorized to work in the US and be willing and able to relocate. Email Lindsey at lmcqueeney@crystald.com if you are interested! Position Summary: Crystal Dynamics is looking for an outstanding and talented Houdini VFX Artist to work with our development team on creating world class action adventure games, such as the latest in the award winning Tomb Raider franchise. The successful FX Artist needs to have specialized experience with Houdini and related film techniques, along with experience with particle editing, texture creation and real-time materials and will have both a strong creative and technical background. This VFX Artist with be able to conceptualize, present, and execute ideas within a schedule, while actively participating in technical and artistic problem solving, and will be able to partner with multiple disciplines to meet project specific needs. He or she will be able to quickly understand Houdini pipelines, custom toolsets and deliver assets at quality and under more urgent time constraints. Primary Duties: · Responsible for all VFX shots from early animatic phase through completion · Strong understanding of physical dynamics and natural phenomena · Create dynamic VFX shots utilizing particles, flip fluids, pyro simulations, and volumetrics · Create dynamic rigid body simulations for export into a real time environment · Render, composite and prepare VFX shots for export into a real time environment · Create OTL setups of repeatable workflows · Create workflow tools to help speed up production pipelines (Python) · Work with VFX Lead and Art Director to set the final look of VFX sequences · Work with production to accurately schedule and prioritize tasks Essential Requirements: · Production experience using Houdini (3+ years) · Familiarity with Maya · Experience in a real time engine preferred
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