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Found 3 results

  1. hi all guy,i test material shader builder(for Freeze effect).would like to ask everyone.How can output material shader builder layar?? pls hlep me! thanks all .I've also attached the scene file,test_shader.exrtest_shader.exr test_shader.hip
  2. Hi, As soon as I apply a material shader builder to any object, the object turns white in viewport. I can see the shadows but even the basic diffuse color, that is greyish, does not show up. Any textures that I apply also does not show up in viewport. The textures are not procedural, they are basic images, the renders come out fine. On the contrary, If I use a default mantra surface shader, Everything shows up correctly on the viewport. I prefer building my own shaders from scratch so could anyone please tell me how to preview basic changes made to the material shader builder on the viewport. Thanks
  3. Hey I'm having a strange issue. I modeled a fosset to shade but the S & T are just strange. I'm confused since I thought S and T were suppose to have everything to do with the UV map 0-1 space. However, here (see image) I am getting some strange results which cause my shader to appear almost at random. I dropped in a perfect asset (shirt geometry) that works perfectly in production when I textured and shaded it, but as soon as I plug in the S into the color ouput of the material shader builder it appears super strange. I'm confused at why I'm getting these results. Thanks