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Found 4 results

  1. i have little problem with randomizing material with instancing , i have a tree that has 2 materials 1 for bark and 1 for leaf the problem is to randomize a material with instancing is to apply the material after instancing and if i have multiple materials for each group or if i have multi geo with different materials and sub materials it will be a huge complex to randomize the materials and assigning them , i already tried material stylesheets but i failed to make it work , my main goal is to assign the materials for objects before instancing them. in 3ds max vray there is a node called vray multisub tex and there is forest color i can apply them materials and sub materials to make sure to have different color per element per instance so i dont have to assign the materials after instancing i need only to assign the materials for objects before instancing . im trying to achieve the same thing in houdini in in this pic i have select_attribute i want to randomize it to have random number per instance if anyone can help me using material stylesheets and thank you. random tree leaf before instancing.hipnc EDIT: my idea is to have random value per element and per instance and most importantly to apply the materials before instancing and packing in case i have multi objects (buildings ,trees ) or in case i have multi material per object (tree: leaves and bark, or building : windows , walls, roof), i dont think this is possible to do without material stylesheets
  2. Hi, I've setup a lot of materials with overrides and stuff for crowds in Material Stylesheets. I have several shots, so they are in separate Houdini files. Usually copying a node or other types of info between Houdini instances (for example you open 2 .hip files and copy from one to another) is great but it doesn't work with Material Stylesheets. I've added a Style Sheet Parameter and tried at least copy the Styles one by one but it doesn't work. Do I need to setup everything again in another file?! That's like an hour. Imagine having 10 shots... Any ideas? There has to be a way Edit#1: Amazing how often you post something and 1 minute later you come up with with a possible solution If anybody is interested - instead of adding a stylesheet parameter to an object you can create New Style Sheet at the top - and this one will let you view the code and save it (View JSON->Save). Then you can import than in another file. Strange you cannot do it in the Stylesheet Parameter added to an object. So it's not perfect - because once you import to the global StyleSheet you need to copy and paste inside the .hip file you're now in, to the object you want to have the stylesheet. Or as I can see you can go to the Imported Files section and reference it there. Well, there you go
  3. Hey, I am playing around with Material Stylesheets lately, and I dig them. Now I wonder how I could setup Material Overrides triggered by rop change. I would like to change, for instance all applied materials to another material. Usally I do stuff like that with switches in shaders and reading an env variable. But that never satisfied me, as I need to have copies of the second material in every other applied materials.
  4. I have a character that I want to use in a crowd setup. This should be simple, but how do I apply different materials (head, shirt and trousers) to the coresponding name groups (or name attributes) that I created before the agent bake process, with style sheets in houdini 15? I could not find much in the docs about this. Any help would be welcome.