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Found 2 results

  1. Trouble with NaNs

    Hi There, I'm currently working on some general purpose scene debugging stuff and one of the things I wanted to test for is nans in my geometry, fairly straight forward using isnan(), however I am struggling to come up with a sure fire method for generating nans inside my test scene! Does anybody know of a guaranteed way of creating a nan in your geometry? Thanks in Advance. M
  2. I'm making a Houdini <-> Maya connector, and after some time wasted in attempts to find bug in my library, to my surprise i found that geometry produced by "make breakable" tool contains "NaN" coordinates. I mean not all points, but at some frames, some polygons(1-2 per mesh) looks like consists totally out of "NaN" points Is it normal at all, and does anyone seen this behavior before? GEO_Vertex vtx; UT_Vector4 pos; ... vtx = prim->getVertexElement(i); pos = vtx.getPos() * wMatrix; // <---- NaNs here [/CODE] What makes me really wonder is that NaNs appears not at the start of the simulation but at the frame 98, and geometry topology isn't changed at this frame - it's all the same shards, just moved a bit away. Also simulation is quite compact in space, so it's not float/double overflow. Any other geometry seems working just fine, it seems just breakable are "buggy".