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Found 24 results

  1. Anyone here had troubles before with importing a heightfield HDA into UE4 that only shows when selected? It seems random, sometimes it doesn't behave like that, I don't understand where the bug is coming from. I can solve it temporarily by going to the manage tab for landscape and the change component size option and not change anything and click apply. Except it will move the landscape out of my HDA, and this breaks my pipeline. I got it to work perfectly sometimes, but I don't know how, it just seems this problem is random.
  2. Hi, I have a strange behavior with the auto Rig Tool in Houdini 16.5 If want to create a Asset it just creates 3 helpers and a merge node and I´m not able to add a Head / Arm etc. In Houdini 16.0 it works fine....Anyone else noticed this behavior? I attached a screen capture to demonstrate. AutoRig_Bug.flv
  3. Hello, i am currently working on my final student projet where i make a plane crash with Houdini. I base the workflow of this project around the RIGIDS III tutorial by Steven Knipping. Everything is working fine until i bring in a simple glue constraint, and when the simulation gets activated at a said frame the simulation simply does not happen. It works when i disconnect/disable the constraint. I already tried to unpack the alembics upon importation with the alembic node but that didnt change anything. What is weird is that everything was working fine when i used the model given with the course. I haven't really found anything that helped me online, so hopefully one of you can help me with this issue, i would appreciate it A LOT. I will attach the files down below. Thank you ! plane_sim.rar
  4. Houdini FEM stops at frame 800

    I am trying to sim a 1000 frames of a FEM coral with branches swaying in water currents. For some reason it freezes at frame 800. I checked all the DOP nodes, and couldn't find anything obvious. What am I missing? softCoral.FEM.paintWidth.h16p5p378.v27.hipnc
  5. I don't usually meddle with functions in VEX, but today decided to give it a go since I wanted to have some functions being used by other functions. I'm having issues calling functions inside functions. The code below for example will trigger errors. float foo(float a, b) { a = clamp(a, 0, 1) ; return a + b ; } float bar(float a, b) { return foo(a+.1, b+.1) ; } And it can be "solved" in multiple ways: If for example I comment out the clamp part it passes: If instead I remove the +.1 from foo it works as well. I have other examples where such simple corrections and the multiple corrections don't work or are not straightforward so what I'm after is understanding what's the main cause of this. Either I'm missing some method here ( I did try C++ style declaration / definition) or maybe there's some issue with calling a functions from a function. Cheers PRB_RFE_VEXFunctionCallBug.hiplc
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused right now because I have a weird issue on my Houdini when I work on Alembic. I have some huge (not that huge, but still) models in Alembic format and I want to do VFX stuff on it. But I can't have a proper feedback on my viewport when I do some operations on it. As you can see on the gif capture, the color does not appear in the viewport, but if I save the scene, and open it again, the color appears. I checked my graphic cards driver (I have a GTX 970), and everything's on date, and I'm on Houdini 16.0.621. Is there a solution ? Thanks in advance, Gael. EDIT : Even if I launch Houdini as Administrator, the bug still appears. I need help :<
  7. I'm trying to set up a structure that allows me to import 2D images, PNG/Jpegs into Houdini. Side FX has documentation for this: http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini11.0/io/ai Researching this i came across a couple of tutorials, saying that if you want use images you should go for .eps files This is the tutorial i tried to follow, since it covers the Adobe softwares: I'm not sure what's going wrong, whenever i upload my images there doesn't seem to be an error, but I just can't find my imported asset. Any ideas? Cheers, Callan de Keijzer Desktop.zip
  8. Hi, can anybody confirm or invalidate my suspicion that op: expression in shaders context (mat or shop) cuurently doesn't work? I know syntax has been a bit inconsistent between different Houdini versions but right now in 16.5 it doesn't seem to work at all for me. i tried: op: /obj/copnet/OUT op: "/obj/copnet/OUT" "op: /obj/copnet/OUT" op:`opfullpath('/obj/copnet/OUT')` and many other mutations of the same thing. anybody? thanks, D. file attached just for case copReferencing.hiplc
  9. POPsolver not working

    I'm trying to source particle emitters from geometry that i created in a scene. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with the popsolver node, it's saying that: 'Connection 2 input is the wrong type' I'm trying to create a whisp effect, following some tutorials but already stuck and not able to continue. Please help! WhispIssue.hipnc
  10. Hello everyone,I encounter a problem, I load an object in my scene. I noticed that my shift in the viewer did focus my object, so I searched on the sidefx helpers (I link the url) "http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/basics/view [www.sidefx.com] “The solution I could find was the ”space + G".He walked once.Arrived at a certain level of my work, I had to use the procedure previously done.I come to my big problem.My object disappeared, leaving room for red stripes on my node geometry. I can not find where the error came from … it is not for want of having tried yet. Do you have solutions? I link you my project and the picture of the problem.Thank you in advance Pyro Smoke_v03.hip
  11. Hello!I am having a few bugs with the houdini toon shader.In some scenes it appears as though there are two objs on top of each other and intersecting, when there is not. Also, some parts of the model are just black under lighting while others are not.Has anyone come across this? If so does anyone know any ways to fix this? Thanks
  12. Hi, I have some issues with the FUSE before SUBDIVIDE sop and I think it might be a bug. Its realy simple... -> Platonic Soccerball -> create Unique Points -> assemble name attr. -> (foreachSubnet.-..Extrude) -> Fuse -> subdivide. After that it just doesnt seems to work probably. see example: soccerball tst.hip
  13. Houdini hair problem

    Hi everyone I just recently started playing around with Houdini hair after finishing a very difficult job done with Yeti. I am trying to assess houdini hair as a possible new solution for hair and fur. But I have one small issue that I cant find any solutions for it: Basically after setting up the fur for the model (I am using the Add Fur tool from the shelf) everything is fine and I can use the different attributes like length and bend to adjust the overall look, But as soon as I groom the fur using one of the shelf tools like "length adjust" or "cut hair" I cant tweak the overall attributes like length or bend etc anymore and it seems like after grooming the hair using any of these tools I lose the ability to adjust the overall attributes. I was wondering if this is probably a bug in hair tool? I have attached my test scene as well. I would appreciate any helps. Thanks in advance! Sina fur_pipe_test_01_v01_t05.hip
  14. Anyone have this strange problem exporting particles from Houdini to Maya?It doesn't happens on all frames,its just sort of random,some frames render fime if you turn off snapping in timeline and scrub,weird. The render engine its Arnold,i know there is a way to carry the v information in vertex to Maya But this its the only way to avoid this issue? The particles are geo after a copy operator,nothing fancy
  15. So before I submit this as a bug I just wanted to see if anyone else on here might have experienced the same issue. Houdini Version: 14.0.444 Step 1: Read in an animated cache (from wherever, doesn't matter) Step 2: use a split node to break something apart Step 3: plug the output of the righthand side of the split into a timeshift Step 4: Does the timeshift do anything? I have recreated this several times already. Every time I read in a cache (I've tried with many different types of caches), split something and try and use a timeshift on the right hand stream of the split, it does not work. Maybe this is a version specific thing, I haven't tested the latest release of 15 with this, I'm just curious if anyone else has come across this. Thanks -N
  16. I have an artefacts after rendering on the tea and under tray @@ help me please
  17. Hi all -It seems that none of the Fuse points options in the Extrude SOP has any effect- I recall the fuse points option, when set to "clamp all points", would clamp the edge that's extruding away from the source (green in top view) when that leading edge(red) encountered another expanding edge. When functioning & the extrusion continued, the setting would result in a poly similar to the blue line in bottom view. Am I missing something? D
  18. Houdini 13 problem

    Hi, Anyone know what is happening to my Houdini? I just install the new 13 after I installed my new Window 7. It crashed often and it seems to not work properly. It happened even I install directly from SideFX.
  19. Hi everyone. It appears that that “RBD Glue Object” shelf tools is missing in my Houdini 13.0.343… And I don’t know why. Reinstall and removing my shelf file doesn't help. Could sombody share the tool’s script, please. Or maybe there’s a way to restore my own. I’m really a beginner so I cannot recreate it myself. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi! Here is a problem. I try to create liquid inside some volume, for example in the botlle. If bottle is static all is OK, but if bottle is moving - FLIP inside this object start to compress and is losing its volume.... Does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Here is link to sample video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBE_5Oae5dY&feature=youtu.be Any help will be appreciated!
  21. This has been driving me crazy all day!!! There's no other SOP with display flag on besides the one I'm working on right now and yet I can see geometry from at least one other geo container outside the current. It happens in either h11 and gl3.2 modes and the only way I've found to temporarily fix this is by closing my houdini session and starting a new one. Is anybody else having the same issue? Is there a better workaround than mine? I'm using 12.5.428, on centOS 6.2, Nvidia diver version 295.20. Cheers
  22. Hi all! I have a very long simulation (800 frames). During caching there were error occured (twice!), so i I have had to restart houdini... So here is the question: what i have to do to continue my cache from frame where error happened? At this moment if I set start frame in ROP or Dop I/O from any number of frame bigger than 1, houdini start simulation from scratch . If I set simulation start frame from any number bigger than 1 in DOP, Houdini just do nothing! Houdini just ignores all calculations and save cache files without any information (files size is 1 kb) Please help! Cache all 800 frames of simulation every time, again and again - it is madness!
  23. This setup made my houdini 12.5.371 crash on linux 64. Are you experiencing the same? is there any workaround? ps: add a clould sop after the pop network and houdini will crash! here is the log: Crash report from farsheed; Houdini FX Version 12.5.371 [linux-x86_64-gcc4.4] Traceback from Fri Apr 26 03:05:06 2013 Caught signal 11 AP_Interface::coredumpHandler(UTsignalHandlerArg) <libHoudiniUI.so> UT_Signal::UT_ComboSignalHandler::operator()(int, siginfo*, void*) const <libHoudiniUT.so> UT_Signal::processSignal(int, siginfo*, void*) <libHoudiniUT.so> _L_unlock_16 <libpthread.so.0> RE_Geometry::getConnect(int, bool) <libHoudiniUI.so> RE_Geometry::drawInstanced(RE_Render*, int, int, RE_PrimType, UT_PtrArray<char const*>*) <libHoudiniUI.so> GR_PrimVolumeBase::drawSparsePoints(RE_Render*, RE_ShaderHandle&) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> GR_PrimVolumeBase::renderVolume3D(RE_Render*, GR_RenderMode, GR_RenderFlags, GR_DisplayOption const*) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> GR_PrimVDB::render(RE_Render*, GR_RenderMode, GR_RenderFlags, GR_DisplayOption const*, UT_Array<UT_IntrusivePtr<RE_Material> > const*) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> GUI_GeoRender::renderPrims(RE_Render*, GR_RenderMode, GR_RenderFlags, GR_AlphaPass, bool) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> GUI_GeoRenderGL3::solidRender(RE_Render*, GU_Detail const*, GR_RenderMode, GR_RenderFlags, GR_AlphaPass) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> GUI_GeoRender::beautyRender(RE_Render*, GR_ShadingPass, GR_AlphaPass, GR_RenderMode) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_GL3PortAgent3D::renderSingleGeo(RE_Render*, GUI_GeoRender*, GR_RenderMode, GR_ShadingPass, GR_AlphaPass, bool, bool) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_VPortAgent3D::renderGeometry(RE_Render*, GR_RenderMode, GR_ShadingPass, GR_AlphaPass, OP_Bundle*, DM_GeoSortMode) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_GL3PortAgent3D::normalQualityRender(RE_Render*, GUI_DisplayOption*, bool, GR_AlphaPass, DM_GeoSortMode) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_GL3PortAgent3D::renderBeautyPass(RE_Render*, int, int, GUI_DisplayOption*, bool&, RE_Geometry&) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_GL3PortAgent3D::renderSceneView(RE_Render*, int, int, bool, bool) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_VPortAgent3D::renderViewport(RE_Render*, int, int, bool, bool) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_VPortAgent3D::doRender(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> DM_Viewport::doRender(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniAPPS3.so> UI_Feel::renderMe(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Feel::doRenderKids(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Feel::doRender(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Feel::renderMe(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Feel::doRenderKids(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Feel::doRender(RE_Render*, int, int) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Viewport::reRender(RE_Render*, bool) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Window::renderChildViews(RE_Render*) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Window::doRedraw() <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Queue::doWindowRedraws() <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Timer::handleEvent(UI_Event*) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Manager::handleEvent(UI_Event*) <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Queue::processNextEvent() <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Queue::drain() <libHoudiniUI.so> UI_Queue::eventLoop() <libHoudiniUI.so> main_part2(int, char**) <libHoudiniUI.so> main <libHoudiniUI.so> __libc_start_main <libc.so.6> _start <houdini-bin> [/CODE] Seems it's a UI or GL problem. My graphic card is NVidia 9600GT and my driver is latest on Ubuntu. crash.hip.tar.gz
  24. I'm making a Houdini <-> Maya connector, and after some time wasted in attempts to find bug in my library, to my surprise i found that geometry produced by "make breakable" tool contains "NaN" coordinates. I mean not all points, but at some frames, some polygons(1-2 per mesh) looks like consists totally out of "NaN" points Is it normal at all, and does anyone seen this behavior before? GEO_Vertex vtx; UT_Vector4 pos; ... vtx = prim->getVertexElement(i); pos = vtx.getPos() * wMatrix; // <---- NaNs here [/CODE] What makes me really wonder is that NaNs appears not at the start of the simulation but at the frame 98, and geometry topology isn't changed at this frame - it's all the same shards, just moved a bit away. Also simulation is quite compact in space, so it's not float/double overflow. Any other geometry seems working just fine, it seems just breakable are "buggy".