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Found 6 results

  1. I had problems rendering with Redshift because in color settings, H19.5 using C:/Program Files/SideFX/sidefx_packages/SideFXLabs19.5/misc/labs_ocio/aces_config.ocio Changing this to C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Data\OCIO solves the problem. My env document pointing to ACES #ACES export OCIO="C:\ProgramData\Redshift\Data\OCIO" The problem now is saving this as default and closing Houdini reverting it back to the labs OCIO settings and not saving it. How can I make it save and keep the RS ACES file?
  2. Hey Guys, after adding a RS camera tag to my camera in Houdini. My ocio fails, it worked absolutely fine before I added it. Plugin Version is 3.0.13 Houdini Version 18.0.0287 Hope somebody can help me, cheers, Lucas
  3. I'm using Arnold and Aces (1.0.3). Our backplates are written out as Aces 2065-1. However there are no options to set the colour space when loading a background image in the render view. It seems to use the default output of the Arnold Rop which is AcesCG so the colours are slightly off. I thought maybe I could load it through COPs but again there are no real controls for setting the colour space (when using ACES). I can just project an image onto a grid as a backplate but does anyone have a way to colour correct the background image in the render view?
  4. Hello, I'm currently doing a render of my sim and when I try to export the sequence, it will stick with "classic" sRGB. However my goal would be to export it with the ACES color correction I have in MPlay. Do you think it is possible ? Thanks in advance.
  5. OCIO Darker viewport

    I've just configured OCIO to work with Houdini 17.5 and renderman and my viewport became very dark Instead of changing gamma is there a lut available somewhere to handle wiewport display under ocio ? or another way ? Thx
  6. Open Color IO

    Does anyone know if Houdini has any support for Open Color IO? http://opencolorio.org/ Cheers.