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Found 2 results

  1. Hello magicians! I'm doing a project where I have to loop textures on multiple goes. Basically a sprite randomization with textures, but I can not figure out a way how to loop the texture sequence like padzero does. I have to do it in VOP or vex, since the shader expects a specific filename as a map on the geo. Sadly, I can not upload a scene file, but hopefully my problem is understandable. Thanks for reading it. Cheers
  2. Hi! I'm pretty new in Houdini, but I have to improve very quickly in 1 and a half month so i'm watching the basic tutorials in the sideFX site. Following a lesson about digital assets I had to create different rocks and try to put them in a curve. But after uploading one single rock and trying to change the expression in $Hip/geo/rock_`padzero(3, ("../copy1", rockNum, 1))`.bgeo it gives me this two errors Unable to read file ".../.../geo/rock_001.bgeo" Unable to evaluate expression (Bad data type for function or operation (/obj/sphere_object1/file1/file)). why is that? i'm pretty sure this is a simple question but without having any professor I don't know who to ask. thank you!