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Found 2 results

  1. Hi; I have a pre-fractured vellum cloth that is fixed in place using these attributes: i@stopped = 1; i@gluetoanimation = 1; I have some particles that collide with this cloth, and they change those attributes to tear cloth pieces at that collision place. The problem is activated cloth pieces never rest, and they pass through each other in some frames. Thanks for helping. Vellum_Particle.hip
  2. Hi everyone, I'm brand new to Houdini 15.5 as of October 2016. I have been learning a great deal in a short time but there's some things I would very much like to figure out for something I'm working on. I'd like to know how to create an effect where a membrane, eg a cell wall, is being broken apart when particles collide with it. I know how to do fractures based on particle collisions and I assume it's a similar process. I'm just not sure how to get that tearing effect you might expect when seeing a membrane lose its surface constraint. I appreciate any help from some of you more expert wizards out there. Thanks in advance!