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Found 3 results

  1. How to change the order of points ? sample_test.hipnc
  2. This is an intriguing problem. I come from grasshopper background and I must say Houdini is one beautiful software. This is a trivial thing to do in grasshopper but I cant seem to find any ways to do it efficiently in Houdini. Maybe I am not understand something fundamental here. I have a grid of points, 10x10, I need the point order to loop from edge to edge. Basically reverse pt order of 10 points every 20 points so it has a looping movement. I tried two approaches looking for an efficient way to achieve this. Copy to points is the worst way for this instance. Red is the attempt which didn't quite work, and Green is the needed outcome done manually. Pt_order_mess.hipnc Anyone have some ideas how I could go about this?
  3. Hey guys, I am using a foreach block in a solver sop but the foreach causes my point orders to changes, if I bypass the the foreach my point order stays intact as the points accumulate. In the foreach I am using a static point attribute that exists on the points before they enter the solver, and in the solver I want to use the attribute to apply different transforms to the points based on geometry with a matching attribute. Everything about the setup works apart from the point orders changing as the point increase messing up my system later down the line. I attached a simple example to illustrate the problem. Any ideas for what I am doing wrong or could do differently? Thanks, Zybrand foreach_point_order.hip
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