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Found 13 results

  1. I'm leaving this file here in case you want to sort the point order of a triangle sphere. Its not particularly usefull but I was tasked with that challange and thats what I came up with... Hope it helps, and if any of you has a better method feel free to share! sorting_a_triangle_sphere.hip
  2. Hey, I´m trying to sort and rearrange points based on their randomized y-scale attribute along a curve. Sadly I only manage to number these points correctly based on the attribute, but fail with rearranging them. I wish to sort them from smallest to highest. The best solution would be to make the distance between the points dependent from the attribute aswell. big scale = more distance between the points, smaller scale = smaller distance between the points thanks a lot already : )
  3. Now you can align multiple objects with Aligner like in 3ds max. Just select object or objects, press button and select the target. https://gumroad.com/l/Aligner Installation: 1. Create new shelf 2. Add new shelf tool 3. Copy and paste script from aligner.py 4. Edit ui_file path to the file aligner_gui.ui P.S. Asign the tool on Shift+A hotkey. Enjoy!
  4. I want to sort the points of a curved object according to its shape, as shown in the attached picture. Is there any good way to do this? Question_sort.hiplc
  5. I am trying to find points with the same xz but different y. Keep the lowest and highest of each xz pile . Make a new clean polyline from those. i need some help with my vex code, argsort isnt working as i expected, i cant find out why sort.hip
  6. Hello, I am stuck on this. I have been trying to sort points from left to right and follow the sequence. I used the sort node but it is not sorting as I want it. How can do it? Please find the image attached below
  7. This is an intriguing problem. I come from grasshopper background and I must say Houdini is one beautiful software. This is a trivial thing to do in grasshopper but I cant seem to find any ways to do it efficiently in Houdini. Maybe I am not understand something fundamental here. I have a grid of points, 10x10, I need the point order to loop from edge to edge. Basically reverse pt order of 10 points every 20 points so it has a looping movement. I tried two approaches looking for an efficient way to achieve this. Copy to points is the worst way for this instance. Red is the attempt which didn't quite work, and Green is the needed outcome done manually. Pt_order_mess.hipnc Anyone have some ideas how I could go about this?
  8. i am trying to run over named primitives, but the for each loop seems to pick randomly for each iteration which batch to process. i want the loop to respect the sorted primitives and run over each named primitive as it is in the geometry spreadsheet. How does it pick the first batch for iteration number 0? can i change that? image 1 is before the loop,sorted primitives image 2 is inside the loop with a single pass to see iteration 0 As you can see the first batch the loop chooses to process is not the first batch as sorted before. First batch should be the one named color_229_229_0
  9. I sometimes need to sort a bunch of points radially. The points lie on a single plane and form a string-like, closed, irregular shape, kind of like a map of a country. I created my own OTL which computes a signed angle between each point and the centroid of the figure, then sorts the points. It works fine, but I was wondering if there's a quick (i.e. just a few SOPs) way to to do this using standard Houdini SOPs.
  10. Hi folks, I face a challenge to setup my underlying curves to skin my in the correct way. The biggest issue I have is to sort all the points in the correct order - I think to do this via a helper curve should do the trick, but I can't find the solution So any help would be appreciated!!! The end result should look like a stadium roof... Thanks so much! Cheers Dominik
  11. Hi All! I want to create a line from some randomly numbered points (see pic.) In order to use the Add sop the numbering must be ordered by proximity. Sort by Spatial Proximity does not work good! The numbering that it gives is ok at some areas and messed up in others. I cant use the Match topology sop because there isn't any geo I can use for that. So I guess I have to find an alternative way to do it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  12. I have a sort node set to shift. I want to increment offset by 1 every 20th frame. $F%20==0 sets the offset from 0 to 1 every 20th frame. But how can I increment the value instead of setting to 0 or 1? Thanks.
  13. Hi, dows someone know how to sort takes in the take list alphabetically after creation ? Or should I report a feature request? Cheers Dominik
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