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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm attempting to create a flip simulation where the amount of emitted particles are purged from a pop group (bounding box in a specific location) each frame. I can set percentages to dead no problem but I cant seem to figure out how to do this for a set number of particles. The simulation is a fountain that emits from the top of a centre pole and the pop group I wish to purge from is a bounding box around the base of the pole submerged in the main body of water. I can obviously create this setup with a sink object but the simulation runs over 1000 frames so it becomes very hard to maintain a consistent particle count. I also had the idea of creating a suction force and actually simulating the water being pumped back up rather than emitting but this seems like a lot of extra particles and collision calculations for no good reason. things I have attempted.. Delete by age: doesn't work because I need to delete from a specific location not the whole body of fluid, This means a random number of particles in the pop group are eligible for purge each frame. pop kill: cant seem to find a way of deleting a specific amount in vex(attempted with while loops, @ptnum, @numpt to no avail). pop wrangle: same as above ^^ sink object: deletes all particles in the volume not a specific amount If anyone has any idea how to achieve this please share and thanks in advance! Matt
  2. Hello Everyone! I have a Pop source followed by a pop group; i need the number of points contained in my source group to be stored in a variable that i am using in a fit function. npointsgroup function returns 0, (tried also with the npoints function) what am i doing wrong? int npts = npointsgroup(0,"stream_chunks"); float ptprog = fit(@Frame, ch("s_frame"), ch("e_frame"), ch("s_value"),npts); ingroup = (@id>ptprog); PS_i am trying to print the value but also this seem not to work //void printf("npts= %d", npts); Thank you in advance!
  3. What if? POP group

    Hi, I have some particles that I want to group based on how fare they have reached down the Y-axis. In H12 I used the $TY < -5 -expression to say that it should group when the particles had fallen to under Y-5. Im a newbie so I dont understand the new POP Group, and my old expression doesnt work. I really appreciate your help! All the best, Stig Olsen