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Found 1 result

  1. Turbulent noise bug?

    Hey friends, noticed a strange thing with Houdini. Using turbulent noise in AttributeVOP to displace my mesh. If I promote Roughness parameter it messes up the look. However it also seems to be that maybe it's just a bug with whole values? When I try to make roughness 0.99999 instead of 1 it's giving a similar result to promoted parameter. Is this just a bug? What's happening here exactly? I like the look I am getting at the full values like 1&2 etc. I can hook them up to a custom menu value by copying and pasting relative references. But unsure if the effect I'm achieving is just happening due to a bug, which would be a bit scary using in production in case the bug is fixed in the next version haha. 2021-05-11_11-18-35.mov turbNoiseBug_v01.hiplc